Cricket Kids Furniture Store

Cricket Kids Furniture uses environmentally friendly and recycled materials to create modern, colorful furniture for your kids. We will help you reduce your carbon footprint. We have everything you need to create your kid’s dream room from fun-sized chairs to organic hemp bedding. The colors and designs are playful and meant to appeal to both adults and children. Its colors and graphics make it obvious that the products are for kids but also appeal to adults shopping for their children.

Student Work at Kutztown University, PA

Additional Credits: Instructor, Kate Clair


Brand Identity

Stationery Set


Brand Manual

Web Design

Branding Identity

The playful, bubbly and modern identity of Cricket Kids Furniture Store required a logo that captured just that.


Brainstorm and Ideation

Before reaching the final version of the Cricket Kids Furniture logo, I created a mood board to capture the essence of the company that I wanted to keep in mind as I fleshed out different logo ideas. First, I brainstormed different icons, mascots and shapes that I could implement in a logo. Then experimented with them on different logo ideas which were then narrowed down to 6 logo ideas that were fleshed out on pencil and then digitized. 

Type Study

I eliminated the logos that weren’t working and continued with a type study on the ones that remained. I then chose the typefaces that best fit the respective logos and added the brand colors to them. The following step was to then eliminate the ones that didn’t fit with the brand.

Final logo

Out of all of the logos, I narrowed it down to the logo that Cricket Kids Furniture store wears proudly it fit the brand’s personality with it’s playful, clean and bubbly nature.



Brand Colors

Cricket Kids Furniture Store’s colors reflect the playful, soft and warm/welcoming nature of the brand.

Brand Typefaces

Stationery Set

Brainstorm and Ideation

I experimented with different patterns in different compositions on stationery sets. These were then reviewed and narrowed down to the four strongest designs that I revised.

Digitized Stationery Sets

After further idea eliminations, I moved forward with digitizing and implementing brand colors/patterns to two final stationery sets.

Final Stationery Set

The stationery set that best embodied the brand along with its logo was then finalized.


Product Design

Brand Manual

Print Book

The brand identity is captured within a Brand Manual created for designers to reference whenever they work on advertisements, posters, the website, product packaging, and much more for Cricket Kids Furniture.

Website Design


The brand identity extends into its online store which targets the parents with humor they will understand while clearly being a store full of products for kids. The website contains several features like: a search bar for easy navigation, category filters, favoriting features and other features needed to complete a transaction.

Home Page