Creativaso is an eco-friendly Travel Mug company that prides itself in selling thermal mugs that are spill-roof and maintain the beverages’ temperature for several hours. This company is catered towards the female audience with an array of mug sleeves that feature different illustrations for customers to choose from. Since it has Hispanic origins, it provides a subtle hints to it through its embroidery textures.

Student Work at Kutztown University, PA

Additional Credits: Instructor, Elaine Cunfer


Brand Identity



Branding Identity


Crear tu vaso = creativaso
Crear tu vaso = Create your cup

Keeping the target audience and its Hispanic origins in mind, I chose a color palette that appealed to the female audience and an embroidered texture to mimic the traditional clothing found in the Spanish-speaking world.


Mug Sleeves

"Latin Sunrise" from "Cultural Nature" Series

"Graduation" from "Celebrations" Series

Package Design