Amy Winehouse: Back To Black


Cover Design

Inside Spreads

A graphic novel illustrating the details of Amy’s substance and relationship turmoil that occurred as she rose to fame. The details that stayed behind the curtains are revealed in this graphic novel to give the public a better picture of how human this legend was. The dynamic lines, style and scenes mimic how up and down Amy’s life was. 

Student work at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Additional Credits: Instructor, Elaine Cunfer

Front / Back Cover

Spread One

The first spread walks us through the relationship Amy had with her music. Music was her outlet in life and a big part of her identity. That then leads us to the most intense love of her life, Blake Civil-Fielder, and their relationship. We then get a glimpse of her brewing relationship with drugs behind closed doors which quickly presented itself in public

Spread Two

The second spread highlights the big moment where she could’ve been the happiest and proudest in her life but her struggles were imminent and stripped her from that joy.  

Spread Three

This last spread shows an important turning point in Amy’s life where she was finally getting better but ends with her struggles getting the best of her.